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A company establishes in 2009 deals in all type of Road safety product & is one of the most growing company in road safety Industry. Our aim to provide quality service and improve road traffic performance. Major activities under traffic engineering including manufacturing and marketing a range of product with application in the area of traffic engineering and traffic control system

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We are having an experience of 8 years in the field of Road safety item as well as road marking & all types of road safety work on projects of NHAI, NH, AKVN, PWD, MPRDC & Municipal corporation and have done work across of India on various projects.

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Overhead Signage  








Direction Signage  



Road Congress Signage  





Theft Preventive Innovation

Unicorp has innovated a breakthrough in Indian road sign industry by introducing ‘unipost’ composite sign post for the first time in India. Composite signpost can replace conventional mild steel sign post. Road safety devices which can be made to order include : signage post, guardrail, street light post, road furniture,fencing post, etc.

Key benefits

  • It is ‘anti theft’ due to “zero recycle value”
  • No maintenance cost, no rusting, no corrosion, no painting/coating required.
  • High strength to weights.
  • Fire proof.
  • Passively safe to minimized injury to vehicle occupants.
  • Comes with white reflective bands as standard, better night time visibility.
  • Its special hollow section design meet latest IRC-67-2010 requirement.
  • Available ex-stock in standard size of 3.25mtr & 3.6 mtr compatible with most of standard sign, any other specified size available  on request.
  • Lightweight &east to install
  • Excellent through life cost savings composite sign post have been tested to meet all the necessary European standard including EN40,EN12767. In order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries across Europe,the EC have introduced a new directive, EN 12767, which specified that all street furniture including lighting columns and sign post, on road over  50mph (70kph) should be passively safe.

Sign face : conventional solid aluminium sheet which has very high scrap value can be replaced with aluminium composite substrate. ACM has almost no scarp value.

Road Studs  



Median Safety Devices  



Delineation Devices  


3M LDS panels
100×800mm, thin gauge aluminium corrugated profile, hammed edged. Fitted with 3m diamond grade reflective media for median openings, roundabouts etc.

3M rigid delineator
1200mm long capsule shaped. Tough metal body covered with special polymer housing. Fitted with 3m DG cube reflectors.

Flexible spring post
Made of UV resistance polymers. Upto 1mtrs high. Ideal for center verge, traffic signals etc.

Object Marking  


3M AFP sheeting (aluminium- backed flexible prismatics)
Non metallic reflective (micro prismatic ASTM type VI) flexible sheeting comes in 12” width. Pre-printed ‘>>>’ & ///’ makes it ready to use at roundabouts, culverts, underpass, tunnel, bridge wall/pillars, median opening, toll plaza bull nose or any surface (concrete/wood, metal, glass, polymer) due to strong primer and epoxy edge sealing, its very difficult to vandalize.

Tree maker reflectors
Made of vendal free ACM substrate with 3m DG cube/HP retro reflective media. Pre punch holes for easy nailing. Available in red, white, orange, yellow and florescent yellow green colour.

Hazard marker
Hazard marker & object markers are as per IRC guidelines.

Barricade Fences  



Guard Rails and Reflectors  


‘W’ beam metal crash barrier
Cold rolled single ‘W’ profile 4318mm, spacer channel 150×75×330mm, post 150×75. All components hot dipped galvanized @550Gm/sqmtr. Available as per all standard specs.

‘Three beam’ metal crash barrier
Cold rolled three beam ‘W’ profile 4318mm, spacer channel 150×75×330mm,post 150×75. All components hot dipped galvanized @550Gm/sqmtr. Available as per all standard specs.

Guard rail reflector
Tough sheet metal cold formed body with vendal resistant reflector frame. Spot-welded, galvanized. Fitted with 3M DG cube/microprismatics reflectors for high visibility.

Speed And Access Control Device  



Personnel Safety Devices  


Construction Zone Safety  



Variable Message Signs  


‘Unisign’ VMS system
All weather proof tough housing built over tabular gantry/cantilever frame. Super bright day-night vision. LED used for better legibility. Remotely programmable though internet /SIM Acess controlled for vandal proofing.

Mobile VMS
Solar tree has got many pv leaves generates enough electricity to light up number of ambient lights. Ideal for gardens, bus shelters, campus, row housing, walkway, road medians, etc.

Shelters, Canopies & Site Camp  



Smart Street Lights  


‘Unilite’ energy  efficient smart street lighting
Smartly designed, highly efficient street lights can detect ‘motion’and adjust light intensity automatically. Fitted with high luminous CREE X lamp-emits super bright light. Unilite can be powered by solar PV back up.

Solar tree
Solar tree has got many PV leaves,generates enough electricity to light up number of ambient lights. Ideal for gardens, bus shelters, campus, row housing, walkway, road medians, etc.